When is the best time of year to paint my exterior?

Colorado has wild weather swings.  Whether you are a hardened native or newcomer to the state, the weather is hard to ignore.  Cold, wind, rain, snow, sun and dry; Colorado weather has it all.  All these variables deteriorate exterior finishes at a rapid pace.

As old paint fades and cracks, many people ask, “What time of year should I paint my exterior?”

The answer is…

Winter is Dicey

Spring is Best

Summer is Most Expensive

Fall is Good

Winter provides some good spells of warm weather, some big enough to undertake an exterior.  But timing is unpredictable.  Additionally, warm winter weather is often a result of warm winds. Wind is problematic for exterior painting. Exterior painting is possible in winter just not ideal.  Winter is, however, a great time to plan an exterior project.  You can often get a great deal if you’re willing to wait until spring.

Spring is absolute best time to paint outside.  Weather is good and plants are often still dormant.  Exterior Painting in Denver can be hard on plant life.  Paint chips, paint spray and painters boots can harm a garden.  So why not paint before the garden fills in.  Also, long days and mild weather are a painters dream, thus making spring ideal.

Summer is the most popular time to paint exterior.  Good weather combined with thirsty homes make summer a good time. Crews fill neighborhoods all hours of the day.  But be warned, scheduling can be harder and therefore more expensive.

Fall is a good time to paint.  Sealing up leaky trim around windows can save money on upcoming heat bills.  Winter is the harshest season on paint, so fixing up your home before cold sets is always a good plan!

Colorado offers many months of great paint opportunity, but it also deteriorates quickly due to the sun.  So plan ahead, paint soon and save money later.

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